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Elder Chris Crouse – Let Us Pass Over to the Other Side

Elder Chris preaches on one of his favorite passages of scripture from Mark 4:35.  He gives an account of Jesus and His disciples passing across the sea of Galilee on a ship.  The Lord promises they will pass over to the other side but there is a great storm along the way that tests the faith of the disciples and cause them to question His care.  While the story begins with a great storm and fear of the circumstances, it ends with a great calm and fear of the Lord.  Elder Chris parallels this journey to our own lives and the promise that God has made to us:  that we will pass over to the other side.  But along the way of life, we often find ourselves in situations where we fear the circumstances and forget to trust in the Lord.  Trials and tribulations are a surety in this life, but regardless of these things, Elder Chris encourages us to always look toward the Lord and not to question the Lord’s providential care.  In doing so, there is nothing to fear as we draw closer to the One that created all things, can calm the seas, and can raise the dead.

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