Elder JC Stanaland – The Lord's Triad of Love

Elder JC Stanaland preaches a unique sermon on God’s love in 1 John 4:19-21 by pointing out that a triad exists in John’s passage.  One, God love’s us, two, we love God, and three, we love each other.  Elder JC defines a triad, that a common point or root must exist, and explains that God first loving us is the foundation of our love for Him and our love for each other.  To describe God’s love, he takes us through the story of Abraham and Isaac, and what Abraham must have felt having been asked to sacrifice his son.  And he parallels this to how God gave His only begotten son, whom He was well pleased, to die for us.  Then Elder JC proclaims that God’s love is sure, nothing can separate us from His love, there is no fear in love, and he encourages us not to hesitate to tell others that we love them.  This sermon is a beautiful illustration of God’s love for us, being the permanent root of the triad that we are privileged to enjoy in our lives every day and forever.

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