Elder Chris Crouse – Unrest To Peace

Elder Chris continues his series in Acts and looks at Acts 16 where we read about Lydia and the Philippian jailor. Philippi did not have enough men to build a synagog but the women could gather to pray. We find Lydia, a Gentile, who was faithful to pray with them. Her heart had been opened and then she gave attention to the things spoken by Paul. Later we read about the jailor who after an earthquake that loosed him, asked what he must do to be saved. They said “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Elder Chris explains that believing on him gives rest and peace in our minds, saving us from fear, bondage and unrest. Elder Chris recalls the previous sermons on Acts and how every individual in each sermon was touched by God before they heard the gospel, but the gospel delivered their minds from unrest to a place of peace.

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