Elder Chris Crouse – Walking With God

This sermon examines the generations of Adam in Genesis 5 and specifically those that walked with God. Elder Chris considers the wickedness during this time prior to the flood, and in the midst of all this sin, Enoch pleased the Lord. While his father and his son lived extremely long lives, Enoch lived only one-third of that, seemingly leading one to believe he missed out. But by the faith given by God, Enoch walked with the Lord and carried a testimony that pleased Him. In Hebrews, it is explained that God was so pleased that He took him directly to Heaven without experiencing the sting of death. Elder Chris examines others with similar lives such as Moses who found grace in the eyes of the Lord and was delivered. But the common theme of those that walked with the Lord is that it is impossible to please the Lord without faith. And Elder Chris proclaims that God has given His children this faith and encourages us to use it to praise Him until that sweet day when the Lord will take us on to be with Him forever.

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