Preserve My Life from the Fear of the Enemy

Psalm 64:1

Preserve My Life from Fear of the Enemy

“Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy.” 

Dear Ones in Christ,

Fear is a very real threat to the peace of the child of God. David knew fear on many levels. While he courageously chased a lion and a bear, certainly there had to be fear within him. When he faced Goliath with valor, I suspect there had to some small fear in his soul. As Saul pursued him to kill him and later his own son Absalom pursued him, no doubt he feared. When he sinned against God in the adultery with Bathsheba and the killing of her husband, there was no doubt fear when Nathan the prophet proclaimed God’s judgment against him. In his early life I don’t think he went out against the lion, bear of giant with reckless abandon, but firm trust that God would provide. We certainly need such trust now.

Here in this verse of this Psalm David doesn’t asked to be preserved from his enemy (though that’s implied), he asked to be preserved “from fear of the enemy.”

Our enemies are real. Right now we face the enemy of an unseen disease. We face the enemy of an uncertain economy. We face the enemy of potentially being separated from our loved ones for days, weeks, or months. And we could potentially face the disease in our loved ones, or ourselves. However, we should not let fear overtake us. Satan delights in our fear as we suspend our trust in God when we’re overwhelmed with fear, and rational thought and wise decisions flee away. 

One way to overcome this is to do as David did: pray. Pray that God would hourly and daily preserve your life from fear of the enemy.

Take time in during this time to immerse yourself in reading God’s word. Spend time in prayer. Enjoy time with your family that otherwise would be spent at school, work, or elsewhere.

Do your best to focus on God’s power, love and peace and through that combat Satan’s attempts to bring the snare of fear to your mind and heart.

You’re continually in my prayers,


Br. Chris   

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