Elder Glenn Blanchard – Christian Liberty

Elder Glenn brings to our attention an account found in the book of Galatians where Paul addressed the church.  Paul left the church in good shape, understanding the gospel, but when he returned they had left the gospel.  Elder Glenn reminds us that when we leave the gospel, divisions and splits occur in the Lord’s church.  He points out several things that we can become focused on that distract us.  But in the new testament church we are afforded christian liberty.  For example, when a child goes out to play there are certain rules set forth by the parents not to go into the street.  When the child becomes older, they request they look both ways.  Even older, merely a “be careful”.  In the old testament the children of Israel required specific rules because they were not yet mature.  But in the new testament church our maturity should allow us to bind together over the gospel and not divide us over details.

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