Elder Chris Crouse – The God Of Recompences

Elder Chris preaches on the God of recompences (or repayment/judgement/vengeance).  God judges the wicked and is a God of vengeance who will repay, that is his job, but not ours.  We are instructed to show mercy, grace and compassion, and judgement is in his hands.  We should trust in Him in these matters.  God also judges his people in this life.  The Apostle Paul instructs that once we learn the truth, there is no excuse in attending the house of the Lord.  He explains we are constrained by His love and counts us a prisoner of God.  But thankfully we will never receive judgement in Heaven because Christ died for us, and we are saved from God’s wrath.  However, there will be judgement against the wicked in the last day.  And the righteous will love and serve Him for His grace forever.

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