Elder David Montgomery – The Mountaintop

This sermon begins in Mark 9:2 where Peter, James, and John went up to a high mountain with Christ where He was transfigured into His glorious form as the son of God.  Elder David imagines what that must have been like, to experience Heaven on earth by seeing Christ in that way.  But while we wait, we can experience the mountaintop through an eye of faith and he reminds us that the closest thing we have to Heaven on earth is the church.  We are to treat the church with reverence and awe as a holy place, and to press forward, looking for the Lord high and lifted up.  Elder David encourages us to go after seeing the Lord by force as we journey through this life.  And he imagines that joyous day when we will see our Lord face to face.  Until then, we are to continue going to the mountaintop every chance we get.

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