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Elder Chris Crouse – Perseverance in Prayer

Elder Crouse preaches on Matthew 15:22-28 and describes the account of a Gentile woman who came to Jesus to rid her daughter of a devil.  The Lord was seemingly cold and turned her away three separate times by ignoring her and even suggesting she was a dog.  But this woman took no offense, persevered, acknowledged her unworthiness, and worshiped the Lord despite the things He said.  Jesus then told her “great is thy faith” and granted her need.  Elder Chris warns not to miss out on the Lord’s blessings by giving up on prayer, but to show commitment with great faith that the Lord’s arms are not shortened.  This sermon reminds us that even though we may have good requests, we are not worthy of the least of His blessings both present and eternally.  But we are comforted in knowing that Jesus has already overcome.

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