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Elder Chris Crouse – I Was Blind, Now I See

Elder Chris preaches from John 9 and gives an account of a man who was blinded from his birth.  The apostles automatically assumed he was in this condition either by his own sin or his parents, but Jesus quickly assured them his affliction was for a greater purpose.  He spat on the ground to make clay, anointed his eyes, had him wash them, and he was suddenly able to see.  While the men quarreled over the event that just happened, Jesus parallels this event to the spiritual sight of a child of God.  How once we were blind, the Lord anointed us, and we are able to see.  In the midst of the synagogue and persecution this poor blind beggar held firm, didn’t give up, and worshiped Him.  The Lord blessed him not just to see Jesus as a man, but as the glorious Son of God.  How grateful we should be to our Lord that we can see Him through faith and Elder Chris proclaims that there is coming a day when we will see Him face to face in glory.

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