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Elder Chris Crouse – An Horror of Great Darkness

In Genesis 15, God promises Abram three separate times that he will be the father of many nations.  Abram continued to question the Lord’s will in this matter and a deep sleep fell upon him, an horror of great darkness, that revealed what was to come of his people.  Elder Chris gives a detailed account of this “horror of great darkness” that came over Abram by examining the future of his seed until they inherited the land that God had promised.   Abram’s people going into Egypt can be paralleled to the children of God going into sin.  But the Lord’s providential care was with them, and they were delivered to Canaan.  Elder Chris cautions us not to question the Lord’s will and comforts us that we have our own land awaiting in glory.  While we wait in this strange world, we should continue to look to the Lord for guidance while we wait for the promised land.

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